Couples Therapy: The First Session


“Setting up a safe, engaging and relational container in couples therapy can be of profound importance to supporting your couples.  Laying the foundation for the success of your future work together.” Sean Tonnet This seminar will support participants to develop skills in working with couples, with a focus on organising and implementing a first session.READ MORE


Pain as protest, pain as protection, pain as process: An integration of Gestalt theory, therapy and the contemporary pain field’

This webinar will focus on the contemporary understandings of chronic pain and the role of a mind/body approach to management and potential reduction in pain. This contrasts with the biomedical understandings of pain as indicating damage to the body which therefore needs correcting. This discussion will cover the new and emerging ground of chronic painREAD MORE

Workshop: Experimentation – A Focus on Experiential Practice

Elie, Gestalt Centre Training Campus 27 Royal Parade Parkville, Melbourne, Australia

“Across 17 years, my work, has been grounded in an experiential practice.  This has been one of the most sought after learnings by supervisees and students, knowing the benefit of an experiential practice and wanting to build more confidence in working with experiments.” Sean Tonnet This two-day workshop will deepen participant’s understanding of the principlesREAD MORE

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