On the subject of suicide in Gestalt psychotherapy  

Working with clients presenting with risk of suicide or a history of suicidality is often experienced as challenging and distressing for psychotherapists. This 2-hour webinar will provide some insight and understanding into the complex nature of suicidality through the lens of Gestalt theory and practice, as well as selected broader clinical frameworks. The interactive webinarREAD MORE


Gestalt Student Meet & Greet

GANZ are delighted to host an upcoming event for gestalt students across Australia and New Zealand to come together and connect. Students will have the opportunity to talk together about their journey into studying Gestalt psychotherapy, discuss joys and challenges, make new connections, and to hear more about professional resources for GANZ students. This eventREAD MORE


Couples Therapy: The First Session


“Setting up a safe, engaging and relational container in couples therapy can be of profound importance to supporting your couples.  Laying the foundation for the success of your future workREAD MORE


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